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Aluminium RFID Flip Up Wallet

Aluminium RFID Flip Up Wallet


Item Reference: 241-605-39IS Item Reference: 241-605-63IS Item Reference: 241-605-71IS Item Reference: 241-606-28IS

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This aluminium credit card holder is RFID tested and secure.

Can hold up to six cards at any one time, meaning your most precious cards are all secure.

As well as protecting your data, the aluminium casing prevents the deterioration of cards that can often become brittle, split or crack when stored incorrectly.

Your cards are now easier to access by simply pushing the handy lever at the side of the case.

When pushed, each card pops up at each separate level so you can easily pick out the one you need without having to open up the entire wallet.

Handy and convenient but ultimately RFID secure.


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