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JoJo Siwa Bow Set

JoJo Siwa Bow Set


Item Reference: 241-204-05IS Item Reference: 241-204-48IS Item Reference: 241-326-67IS Item Reference: 241-204-64IS Item Reference: 241-204-80IS Item Reference: 241-205-02IS Item Reference: 241-205-29IS Item Reference: 241-205-45IS Item Reference: 241-205-61IS Item Reference: 241-206-18IS Item Reference: 241-206-34IS Item Reference: 241-346-94IS

Only £11.99


Be just like JoJo Siwa and look the part with this adorable JoJo Siwa 2 pack of signature hair bows in pink and blue.

Inspired by JoJo’s iconic dance hair style you can easily attach with the metal salon clip wearing it with a high ponytail or add some glamour to your everyday style.


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