Home Storage Buying Guide

Even the tidiest homes need some kind of storage to keep things neat and tidy. Take care of the clutter with specially designed storage for all kinds of household objects.

Clothing Storage

For storing clothes, the most common options include traditional wardrobes, cupboards and chests of drawers. Before buying, consider the type of clothing you need to store. If you have a lot of dresses, suits or other full-length items, a wardrobe or rail is a must, enabling garments to be hung neatly, avoiding creases.

Wardrobes are generally a much more sturdy option than rails, and mean all your clothing is well covered. A rail can be handy as extra storage, or as a budget solution, however clothes are not as well protected from dust and sunlight. If you have lots of separates and casual clothing, where creasing is not as big an issue, drawers and cupboards with plenty of inner shelves can be a better option as you can fit more into them whilst taking up a smaller amount of floor space.

Book Storage

Books can be heavy and bulky, and without a place to keep them neat and tidy, can make your home look cluttered. If you don't have many books, you can store them on any shelf around your home. If you have plenty of books that you'd like to store together, a separate bookcase is probably the answer.

Your only choices will be size and style. Size will be determined by the number of books and other objects you want to store, remember there are different depths available, so if you have any large size books, look for an extra deep bookcase to avoid the books hanging over the front edge. For children's books you could also consider a book rack - these have pockets allowing books to be slid inside. This makes reading materials easily accessible to little hands.

CD & DVD Storage

CDs, DVDs and console games can present a challenge - small and uniform in shape, they are easy to stack, however soon become untidy if not contained. You can choose a storage unit, similar to a bookshelf, which allows you to store all your discs in their cases, easily accessible. Another alternative is a CD case, usually these are zipped pouches with inner sleeves where you can store discs out of their cases.

Toy Storage

Toys - they come in all shapes and sizes, and tend to get under your feet unless you have adequate storage. For toys, easy access is important so that children can reach them easily without help. Look for large chests, buckets and baskets - the larger the better. Plastic storage boxes are usually stackable and can optionally have lids. As children get older, toys and their components tend to get smaller, so you could also consider smaller storage boxes or baskets which can be stacked on shelves.

Bedding & Linen Storage

To keep bedlinen, towels and household textiles clean, fresh and tidy, consider a linen basket or chest. You can find decorative baskets, often wicker lined with fabric to avoid plucking. Another option you might consider for storing bedlinen is a divan bed with built-in storage drawers. If you wish to store textiles and other bulky objects out of sight, and appearance is not so important, zipped bags and underbed storage boxes are an inexpensive option.

Garden & Outdoor Storage

For storing outdoor items, you can invest in special weatherproof storage cupboards, or for larger items, consider a garden shed.