Electricals & Entertainment Buying Guides

From TV & home cinema, iPods & MP3 Players to home computers, laptops and e-book readers, choosing a new electronic gadget or entertainment device can be one of the most difficult shopping tasks of all. Specifications change quickly and it's important to assess what you really need so that you don't pay for features you don't require.

Audio & Hi-Fi

If you love music, you will appreciate a good sound system. Find out what the main features are before you buy with our audio & hi-hi buying guide, which covers the main features of modern audio equipment, including docking stations.

MP3 Players & iPods

For music on the move, MP3 players and iPods have revolutionised how we listen to music. Not sure what's best for you? Read more in our MP3 Players & iPodsbuying guide for portable music players.

Computers & Laptops

When it comes to choosing a new computer, laptop or netbook, with so much jargon and terminology to understand. Our buying guide for computers and laptops can help cut through the waffle and help you choose the best machine for your computing needs.

iPads, Tablet PCs & E-Book Readers

Easily access thousands of books, websites and apps using a tablet or iPad - great for accessing the web without having to carry the office with you! Whether you fancy a top-spec iPad, Amazon Kindle or other tablet, our buying guide for tablets, ipads and e-book readers can help you choose.

Home & Mobile Phones

Mobile phones and smart phones have so many functions built in that it is easy to get confused. Our mobile phone buying guide can help steer you through the maze of options and find the best one for your needs.

Televisions & Home Theatre

Home TV has never been so sophisticated - and with home theatre systems, it's almost like bringing the movie theatre into your living room. Get help choosing the right equipment by reading our TV & home theatre buying guide.

Consoles & Gaming

Playing computer games has never been so interactive. From handheld gaming devices to larger consoles that connect to your TV, our games console buying guide can help you choose the console for you.

Cameras & Photography

Modern cameras are packed with features to help make amateur snaps look great, so it's worth shopping around to get the best deal. Our photography buying guide can help to steer you through the maze of available options.

Satellite Navigation Systems

Never get lost again! Satellite Navigation systems allow you to plan journeys in advance, down to the last footstep. To help you choose, we have created a sat nav buying guide.