Christmas Cracker Buying Guide

A fun finishing touch to the Christmas dinner table, Christmas Crackers are a long-established tradition which gives everyone at the table a small treat. Crackers can contain gifts, jokes, games, teasers, party hats & other novelty items, designed to create a fun atmosphere around the table.

Since the 19th Century, it has been traditional to have Christmas Crackers as part of festive meals. Originally devised to sell bonbon sweets, Christmas crackers have evolved over the years and now come in many variations. Crackers usually open with a bang, having a very small amount of chemical which reacts when opened to make a cracking sound.

For best results, choose the crackers best suited to your individual guests and family members. If that is not practical, aim for a general set that will have contents suitable for all ages. Prices range from budget crackers with simple plastic toys to luxurious ones with more substantial and valuable gifts inside. On the whole, you get what you pay for, so bear in mind that the gifts and treats inside will reflect what has been spent.

Christmas Crackers are usually sold in multiples - boxes of 6, 8 or more are the standard, and there is no way to know precisely what is inside each cracker. You can sometimes buy luxury crackers in single quantities, which allows you to customise the gift to the recipient, but these tend to be pricey. Another idea would be to make your own Christmas Crackers, into which you can insert your own selection of treats for the guest, and you can buy cracker making kits to help with this.

Traditional Christmas Crackers

Traditional crackers contain a selection of inexpensive novelties, and are a good basic starting point if you are not sure which to buy. Crackers tend to contain small novelty toys or game, a written joke and usually a paper party hat.

Luxury Christmas Crackers

Luxury crackers can be worth the extra cost as they contain more expensive treats, such as a useful gift or gadget. Some examples of the type of treat found inside a luxury cracker include jewellery items, mini-tools and pens. The packaging and outer wrapping will also be of a higher quality with luxury crackers.

Christmas Crackers For Children

These are a great idea for kids parties as well as Christmas lunch with children. The outer wrapping are designed to appeal to children, and the contents can be more child-friendly, for example some crackers have finger puppets, or colouring pencils.